Please take a moment to fill out this survey honestly and completely. Your answers will be confidential.
This survey will only be used to evaluate the program. Thank you, in advance for your cooperation.

* Your child is:

* What was your child’s violation/offense?

* Has your child had previous violations?

* Did you feel your Son/Daughter’s disposition:

  Yes No
Increased his/her understanding of who was harmed?
Helped him/her repair the harm caused?
Helped him/her become more involved in your community?
Helped him/her to learn and grow from this experience?

* Do you think your Son/Daughter’s sentence was:

* Did Youth Court explain what they expected of you?

* What was your Son/Daughter required to do? (Please check all that apply)

* We appreciate any comments you have (positive or negative) about the requirements checked above.

* Has your Son/Daughter received another citation or committed another offense since being referred to the Youth Court program?

* What kind of impact has Youth Court had on your Son/Daughter?

* What changes in behavior, if any, have you noticed in your Son/Daughter due to their peer court
involvement? Please check the behavior that you are aware of:

  Behavior is worse No change Behavior is better Doesn’t apply
School attendance
School grades
Relationship with family
Relationship with friends
Drug and/or Alcohol use
Sense of responsibility
Respect for community/neighborhood
Feelings about them self & their goals

* What have you liked about Youth Court?

* What changes could we make to improve Youth Court?