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Informed Consent

Thank you for participating in this survey. Before answering the survey questions, please read through the following information carefully.

Purpose of this diagnostic:
The SupportingLines High Performance Index (TM) is a survey that helps you estimate how you think your company would respond if they complete the survey based on their personal experience. Asked differently, if we were to send this survey to all of your employees, how would they respond on average?

We look at two aspects of performance and engagement:
1. What impact does support from leaders and peers have on employee engagement at work?
2. What do you think your company would say in a performance culture and engagement survey?

Survey Length
This survey is entirely opinion-based. 
It takes approximately 10 mins to complete.

Point of contact:
Jeff Smith (Founder & CEO of the SupportingLines Institute)


The results of this survey are confidential. We reserve the right to use anonymous data that is not linked to any identifying information in our research. Only our coaches and researchers will have access to the information given by participants. No one will know the names of the participants or what their answers are to different questions.

Usage of the results 
The outcome of the survey might be published, mentioned in a written paper, and presented in a conference. Only the aggregated data will be used to analyze and present in the final white paper. Any other information that might lead to participant’s identity will NOT be included in any written form or presentation.

Copyright protection
The questions herein are copyright protected by SupportingLines Institute Inc. with the exception of the UWES work engagement questions, which are clearly noted. The SupportingLines questions should not be used in any capacity without the express written permission of SupportingLines Institute Inc. The UWES work engagement questions are the intellectual property of the UWES work engagement authors and used in this survey per the terms granted by same. The combination of the SupportingLines questions and the UWES questions is protected intellectual property of SupportingLines Institute Inc. All rights reserved.

The term SupportingLines and the SupportingLines High Performance Index are trademarks of SupportingLines Institute Inc. All rights reserved.

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* Please check “I agree with the terms” box if you understand and agree with the terms from above and are ready to answer the survey questions. If you check the “I disagree with the terms” box, you will automatically be taken out of the participant list, and you will be directed to the final page of the survey.

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