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Have your say in the 2019 Budget

How do you want to see tax dollars spent in 2019? Which services are most important to you and why? Oxford County’s municipalities are working together to learn more about the priorities and preferences of Oxford residents, and this survey is your opportunity to have a say!

The following survey is broken into two parts. The first half asks about services provided by your local municipality, while the second half focuses on services funded through Oxford County municipal taxes. Each question outlines the average cost per service, based on a home with the property tax assessment of $250,000, and then asks if you think the service should be enhanced, maintained or reduced in the upcoming year.

Please note there are some services that municipalities are required to provide by legislation, and some that may be limited in how much room there is to reduce. By taking part in this survey, you’ll help us understand how well municipal services are understood overall, how they are valued, and which ones are a priority for the people who live here. There’s also plenty of opportunities to provide comments, so take a few minutes and tell us what you think.

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