* 1. I enjoy volunteering at Science Central.

* 2. I feel important at Science Central.

* 3. I feel like I am making a difference at Science Central.

* 4. I feel like I was thoroughly trained as a volunteer.

* 5. I feel like I can have a voice at Science Central and interject my ideas.

* 6. I feel that more training is necessary.

* 7. The quality of the volunteer program, exceeded my expectations.

* 8. I understood/stand my role as a volunteer at Science Central.

* 9. There is a positive climate of teamwork among employees and the volunteer staff.

* 10. Science Central fosters a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for volunteering.

* 11. My volunteer work has helped me develop new job related skills.

* 12. I would recommend volunteering at Science Central to others.

* 13. As a volunteer I have received appropriate training in the following areas.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
Pre-volunteer training
Job specific training
Continued training
Emergency procedures

* 14. My motivation to volunteer was because...            (Pick as many as applies)

* 15. What kind of additional training would I like to see?

* 16. What more would I like to do for Science Central.

* 17. How many hours a month did/do I volunteer at Science Central

* 18. What category best represents you.   (Select one)

* 19. How did you hear about Science Central's volunteer program?