1. Welcome to "Pick the Pick-4 at The Raceway at WFD!"

The Raceway at Western Fair District's signature night for Harness Racing is the $150,000E Molson Pace, which takes place on Friday, May 31th. Free For Allers from all over North America are coming for what is sure to be a great event. The evening is jam packed with stakes and top racehorses.

The Raceway's takeout on the Pick-4 to 15%. In addition, for Molson Pace night, the Pick-4 is going to be guaranteed at $10,000.

To make this Pick 4 even better, The Raceway is allowing horseplayers to select three legs of the Pick-4 (the Molson Pace will be the fourth and final leg).

Will you answer the following question and share your opinion?

The Molson will be the last leg of the Pick-4. What would you like to see the other three legs consist of?