1. Help Define the Future Mandate for the Office of the Ombudsperson at McGill

The position of the Ombudsperson for students is filled on a half-time basis by an academic staff member. The Ombudsperson receives complaints from students and assists in the resolution of those complaints through informal means including information, advice, intervention, and referrals with a view of avoiding the more formal grievance procedures that already exist in the University.

(McGill University Calendar, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies: General Information, Regulations and Research Guidelines, 2006-2007)

* 1. Did you know there was an Ombudsperson at McGill?

* 2. Have you ever contacted the McGill Ombudsperson?

* 3. Who would you contact in the University if you were experiencing a bureaucratic, political, social, or administrative problem related to your studies? (It is possible to select more than one option).

* 4. Have you ever needed to contact said person(s) mentioned in 3?

* 5. If yes, was the contact (from 3 and 4) helpful in resolving your problem?

* 6. If no, why did you not contact this person?

* 7. Have you ever been in a difficult or confusing situation during your graduate degree and were not sure who to speak to?

* 8. Have you ever been in a difficult or confusing situation during your graduate school degree, but felt threatened / were too nervous to speak to anyone about it?

* 9. Which do you think best describes the current role of the Ombudsperson in the University? (Please choose all applicable functions).

* 10. Would you feel comfortable contacting the Ombudsperson if you were experiencing some conflict directly related to your graduate experience while you were a student at McGill?

* 11. Do you think the role of the Ombudsperson at McGill is an important one?

* 12. Do you think it would be beneficial for the Ombudsperson to have a more visible role at McGill?

* 13. Is there anything you would suggest be modified, or anything you would like to see, regarding the future role of the Ombudsperson in the Univerisy?

* 14. Any comments related to the mandate of the Ombudsperson or challenges encountered during your graduate degree that may have benefitted from help from an external third party such as the Ombudsperson?