Pasadena Education Network (PEN) encourages families to visit their neighborhood school and other PUSD schools or programs of interest. While we don't GIVE the tours, we do publicize them and we share any feedback we receive with school and District administrators.

Your feedback is priceless! Please take a moment to tell us about your school tour experience. If you visited more than one school, please complete a separate survey to provide feedback on individual school tours.

Your comments will be used anonymously as part of PEN’s ongoing effort to represent collective parent voices in PUSD and by each school’s administration as part of ongoing improvement efforts.

* 1. What school did you visit?

* 2. What was the date of this tour?

* 3. Who conducted the tour?

There are many factors that influence families' decisions when choosing a school for their children: distance from home, test scores, school grounds, staff, after-school programs, enrichment opportunities, special education services, parent involvement, sense of community, the way the school "feels," etc.

* 4. Positives: What aspects of this school/program would be positives for you?

* 5. Negatives: What aspects of this school/program would be negatives for you?

* 6. Today's Experience: Did your experience on this tour positively or negatively influence your decision to apply for enrollment at this school? Why?

* 7. What other schools / programs (including non-PUSD schools) are you considering for your child?

* 8. Do you have any specific comments or feedback for the staff or parent ambassadors at this school?

* 9. Do you have any comments, questions or feedback either for PUSD or for Pasadena Education Network (PEN)?

Thank you for taking the time to visit a PUSD school, and for giving us your feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact (866-216-7334) if you have any questions about PEN or about where to find the information you need to choose the right school for your child.

Pasadena Education Network (PEN) is an independent non-profit parent organization promoting family participation in public education in Pasadena, Altadena, and Sierra Madre. Visit us on the web at