This template should be used by institutions interested in hosting postdoctoral fellows in the context of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship programme. Host institutions should be located in Luxembourg.

This expression of interest is valid for the following MSCA-IF call: MSCA-IF-2019. Deadline: September 2019.

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* 1. Please select European Fellowships (EF) or Global Fellowships (GF)

More information here.

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* 2. Host institution: 

Please provide some brief information about your institution and research group/department (activities, size and flagship projects). The information needs to be detailed enough to make your organisation seem attractive to applicants.

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* 3. Project idea: 

Please describe your research group, research interests and the idea and scope of the research project that your MSCA proposal will focus on (as much as confidentiality allows).  

Please describe what qualities/qualifications you are looking for in the candidate.

Please add some keywords about the research area so that we can target the right profiles.

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* 4. Contact person (name and e-mail address)

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* 5. Do you want this contact to be published on the web?

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* 6. Please indicate whether you want us to provide a pre-screening of candidates in case you expect a large amount of applications.