* 1. Group / Name

* 2. What best describes the active input that you have on the shape of Huby?

* 3. How long has your activity / ownership taken place in Huby?

* 4. In the next 10 to 15 years how would you like to see Huby develop? What priorities do you feel that the Parish needs to address?

  Most important Least important
Better community facilities
Road / drain improvements
Better access to healthcare
Better mobile phone & internet reception
New and wider ranging sports facilities
Public open space, footpaths & cycle paths
Village green
Sustainable developments
Employment opportunities

* 5. Please give us a little more detail on your choices:

* 6. Are you interested in becoming more involved in community activities?

* 7. If we have made a mistake with your contact details, please let us know your correct contact details: