1. Professional Development, Certification, and Endorsement Program Registration

Thank you for registering in professional development courses offered through The Georgia Charter Schools Association.

The courses listed below are facilitated by GCSA staff or consultants. Course descriptions, training formats, course completion requirements, and costs can be found in the Professional Development Course catalog found on the GCSA website at www.gacharters.org (Services tab - CharterUniversity).

Some courses are facilitated for multiple groups, and dates for these trainings can be found on the Association's website (Services tab - CharterUniversity). Other courses are facilitated for individual schools, and upon registration, a GCSA representative will contact you to schedule a training date for your school. If you are interested in webinars (either live or recorded), please visit GCSA's training site at https://gcsatraining.webex.com, and you may register there.

To obtain professional development credit through the PSC, you will need to complete and submit to GCSA a Prior Approval Form, a Course Completion Form, and any other documentation required for course credit as outlined in the Course Catalog. Forms may be downloaded from the GCSA website under Services tab - CharterUniversity.

Payment for training is due in full prior to facilitation.

Thank you again for your interest.

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* 5. Please describe how you will be paying for your professional development. Costs for professional development courses can be found in the Course Catalog on GCSA's website.

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