The Virgin Islands Pace Runners celebrates its 35th anniversary (2012-2013). Over these years thousands of runners, local and those from far away, have taken part in V.I.Pace events.

This quiz will jog the minds of runners past and present and generate information that will add to the history of our sport.

NOTE: This quiz is open only to the runners in The 10th St. Croix International Marathon and 37th Virgin Islands Half-Marathon...

* 1. What female marathon runner has won the St.Croix International Marathon the most times?

* 2. Who was the first female to finish a marathon in the Virgin Islands?

* 3. Which marathon runner holds the world record for the marathon?

* 4. This marathon runner has the record for the V.I. Half-Marathon; she later ran the Barcelona Olympic Games marathon but did not finish.

* 5. Two silver medal winning Olympic Marathon runners have come to St. Croix. One of them won a race here, who Is that person?

* 6. What is the longest Olympic Games marathon on record?

* 7. The Olympic Games Marathon with the most male and female competitors was

* 8. The oldest runner in the Seoul Olympics Marathon was:

* 9. The 1982 Boston Marathon is historically known as

* 10. These world famous and locally known runners ran in that 1982 Boston Marathon

* 11. This marathon runner came within 1 minute of qualifying for the Athens Olympic Games. Where did she do it?

* 12. This marathon Runner has run a marathon in just about every country and continent on earth, including The St. Croix International Marathon

* 13. With some exceptions, the Olympic Marathon has finished in the Olmympic stadium. What was the last Olympic Stadium where the Olympic marathon finished?

* 14. This marathon was the first marathon of the new millennium

* 15. This Marathon Runner is one of the founders of the San Deigo Marathon

* 16. This professional athlete, who is no stranger to winning championships, at one time routinely ran the Boston Marathon

* 17. This runner was and Olympic Marathon runner, an Ultra-Marathon Runner, a pioneer in race course measurement and founder of the New York Road Runners Assocation

* 18. Who was the first African woman to win the Olympic Marathon Gold Medal?

* 19. Who was the last USA man to win an Olympic Marathon Medal?

* 20. Who was the first African to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the marathon?

* 21. If you are entered in The 10th St. Croix International Marathon or The 37th Virgin Islands Half-Marathon, you are eligible to participated in this quiz. The person who answers the most questions wins $100.00.
The deadline for participating in this quiz is: Sunday December 11, 2011