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Thanks very much for your interest in this Training of Facilitators for Macro-Level Conflict Analysis!

* 1. Please fill in the blanks.

* 2. Male or Female?

* 3. What interests you about this Training of Facilitators? Why do you want to be part of this event?

We have a few questions for you, because we want all training participants to be able to successfully apply what they learn. Please tell us about your:

* 4. three years work experience on humanitarian, development and/or peacebuilding issues?

* 5. demonstrated skills in facilitation OR in conflict/context analysis?

* 6. plan for how you will facilitate macro-analysis in the future? (including support of your organisational supervisor, if necessary)

* 7. What organisation is responsible for paying your training fee?

* 8. Is there anything else you would like to tell or ask us?

Thanks again for your interest and collaboration. We’ll email you within three business days to respond to your application.