The Michigan Supreme Court Clerk's Office is conducting this survey to obtain your feedback to assess the quality of our services and to determine areas for improvement. The survey responses are confidential so you need not identify yourself. If you have any questions, please contact Larry Royster at 517-373-0120 or The survey will close on June 20, 2014. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.

* 1. In what capacity do you interact with the MSC Clerk's Office? Select one.

* 2. Please identify the types of contact you've had with the MSC Clerk's Office in the past twelve months. Select all that apply.

* 3. Please rate the MSC Clerk's Office in the following categories:

  Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent N/A
Consistency of information
Waiting time to be helped
Returning phone calls
Responding to mail/e-mail
Hours of service

* 4. Please tell us what the MSC Clerk's Office does well.

* 5. Please tell us what the MSC Clerk's Office can do better.

* 6. Please rate the value or usefulness of the following resources on the Court's website:

  Low Medium High N/A
Guide for Counsel in Cases to be Argued in the MSC
MSC's Processing of Cases and Administrative Matters Guide
MSC Rules of Etiquette and Conduct
Filing Requirements page
FAQs page
How a Case is Decided page

* 7. Are there other informational resources, features, or functions that you would like the Court to add to its website?