PTC Awards - 2019

The PTC Awards will be presented at this year's End of Year Party. Please vote for your favorite athletes.

Winners must be present to receive the award and awesome prizes. 
Date: Dec 1, 2019 (Sunday night)
Time: 5pm
Location: Mijares Mexican Restaurant, Pasadena
Link to buy Dinner tickets:

Question Title

* 1. MVP - Female

Best Performer, All Star

Question Title

* 2. MVP - Male

Best Performer, All Star

Question Title

* 3. The Grit Award

Keeps on going and tenaciously finishes

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* 4. Rookie of the Year - Female 

New member who demonstrated excellence and resilience.

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* 5. Rookie of the Year - Male

New member who demonstrated excellence and resilience

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* 6. Frequent Flyer Award

Farthest traveler for destination race