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William Paterson University

Project Title: Evaluating the Effect of Yoga Practice on Perceived Stress Among High School- and College-Age Students

Principal Investigator: Marisa Rapisardi

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jill Nocella

Faculty Sponsor Phone Number: (973) 720-3483

Department: Nursing

Course Name and Number: Honors College Nursing Track

Protocol Approved Date: 9/28/15
IRB Contact Phone Number: 973-720-2852

This questionnaire concerns the relationship between perceived stress and regular yoga practice among high school and college students. It is being conducted to fulfill the requirements of the above named course. I understand that my participation is voluntary and I may stop completing the questionnaire at any time and I do not have to answer any question(s) I choose not to answer.

The risks associated with my completing this questionnaire are loss of time and possible feelings of uneasiness related to the nature of the questions and I accept them. Benefits of my participation in this study are satisfaction for participating in research that could benefit science and I accept them.

I understand that any data collected as part of this study will be stored in a safe and secure location, and that this data will be deleted when the research is complete.

I understand that my identity will not be revealed in any way through my participation in this study; I will not write my name in this questionnaire and the results will not be reported in a way that will reveal individual participants.

If I do not want to complete this questionnaire, I may exit out of the survey. If I do choose to participate, I will answer the questionnaire and submit my answers.