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About the Process

It all starts with an idea. It can be an idea around operational improvement or a strategic initiative for our regions, our membership, our organization or our practice. Before submitting an idea or recommendation, we encourage discussing it with your region to get approval for the idea to be submitted on behalf of the region.

Review process: Each quarter (March, June, September, December) the Regional Societies Committee will review the submissions. The Committee will determine if the idea should be moved along in the process for implementation.

Approval process: After the Regional societies committee determines how the idea should move forward (quick implementation by staff, move on to the SGNA Board of Directors, or declines idea) the staff liaison will follow up with the submitter to communicate status and rational for the decision. The submissions that are escalated to the BOD will be reviewed at the nearest board meeting.

Follow-up process: The Staff Liaison will close the loop with any recommendations that are implemented or discussed at a Board of Directors meeting. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Our goal with this recommended process is to speed up decision making to quarterly and to allow for all ideas to be shared, not just strategic. However, please know that even with a new process it does not mean all ideas will be implemented.

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