I am investigating the reasons people become vegetarians for a research project. It would help me very much if you answered as accurately as possible.

[Note: for the purposes of this questionnaire a vegetarian is defined as a person who does not eat any meat, including fish. Please no vegans, pescatarians etc.]

* 1. How important are the following reasons in relation to your choice to become a vegetarian?

  Not at all important Not very important Slightly important Very important The main reason
I believe animals have a right to life
Meat production uses too much water
Meat is too expensive
A role model is vegetarian
I don't like the amount of wastage in the meat industry
I don't like the taste of meat
I believe humans did not evolve to eat meat
I was raised as a vegetarian
I don't like the suffering in the meat industry
Eating meat makes me feel sick
I believe vegetarians are healthier
I don't think an animal should have to die for me to eat
I don't like cooking meat
I believe the meat industry produces too many greenhouse gases
I believe humans do not need to eat meat to be healthy, and taste is not a good enough reason to justify killing animals for food
I believe the meat industry uses too much land
My religion requires vegetarianism
I don't like the way meat looks
Health reasons E.G. difficulty digesting meat
I believe there is currently enough food grown to end world hunger, but it is wasted in the meat industry
Somebody (E.G. parent, partner) made me become a vegetarian
I could not kill an animal to eat it, and I think it is hypocritical to eat meat killed by somebody else
I think it's cool to be vegetarian
I think vegetarianism is more efficient than eating meat due to the direct consumption of grains etc.

* 2. Please list the three most important reasons why you are a vegetarian

* 3. What is your gender?

* 4. What is your age?

* 5. What is your nationality?