Feedback from Michigan for our Representatives in Congress

At LDA of Michigan, we work to share your concerns and celebrations! On Tuesday, February 14, we have the opportunity to take our voices "To the Hill" with representatives from other state affiliates of LDA America. We want to be sure to speak for our members, so we are asking you to send us some input before our visit. Please take a few minutes to complete this 8 question survey. At the end, you can also add comments for questions we did not think of to be sure we are speaking for as much of MI as we can.

Thank you!

- Together, we make a difference

* 1. Please rate how, in your experience,  these areas have been working or have worked for your child, your students or yourself (for adults with LD)

  Well Just Okay Not Well Doesn't Apply to Me
Being able to get a diagnosis
Being able to access special education services (getting an IEP)
Getting a 504 plan
Reports of student progress
Accommodations in the general classroom
Accommodations on state tests
Taking classes leading to a diploma
Transition from Elementary to Middle School
Transition from Middle School to High School
Transition from Special Education to Regular Education
Transition from High School to College
Transition from High School to Career/Work
Job Training

* 2. Two things you believe are working well for individuals with learning disabilities in Michigan.

* 3. Top two issues you see as a problem for individuals with learning disabilities in Michigan.

* 4. Please tell us a little about yourself so we can be sure to share who we are speaking for while we are in Washington DC. 

I am (check those applicable)

* 5. County of Michigan where you live

* 6. For parents of individuals with LD (please check all that apply)

* 7. For individuals with LD (check all that apply)

* 8. What other information or question would you like us to take to our state representatives for you?