* 1. How has your relationship with your buddy progressed throughout the school year?

  It significantly improved. It somewhat improved. It remained the same. We began to lose touch. We completely lost contact.

* 2. How often do you communicate with your buddy?

* 3. How have you enriched your buddy's SOE experience and served as an effective mentor this school year?

* 4. How do you reach out to your buddy?

* 5. What SOE or on-campus events have you attended with your buddy?

* 6. Have you and your buddy met outside of SOE events? If yes, please explain.

* 7. In your opinion, what was the most enjoyable S.T.A.R. event?

* 8. The duty of the S.T.A.R. team is to ensure they are consistently accessible to all members throughout the school year. The Coordinators are required to answer questions or address any concerns that you may have regarding your involvement in S.T.A.R. How effective has the STAR Coordinator team been in serving you as SOE leaders?

  Highly effective Somewhat effective A little effective Not effective at all.

* 9. S.T.A.R. uses the social media websites Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter to keep members up to date on SOE happenings and engage in professional, education-related discussion. Do you feel these websites have contributed to your overall S.T.A.R. and SOE experience?.

* 10. Has being a mentor enriched your SOE experience?

  Very much so. Somewhat. A little. Not at all.