* 1. What is your username?
How long have you been a part of /r/TWD?
How active are you on /r/TWD?

* 2. Why do you want to moderate /r/TWD?

* 3. Do you moderate any other subreddits? If so, which?

* 4. Are you knowledgable in CSS?

* 5. What times during the week would you be able to spend browsing the subreddit?

* 6. Have you read the TWD comics?

* 7. How would you determine if a comment violates our comic spoiler policy? If it does violate the policy, how would you handle the situation?

* 8. What changes would you like to see on /r/TWD?

* 9. The moderators on /r/TWD generally try to communicate with one another before making any post or changes. How would you help in facilitating an open discussion and maintaining equal responsibilities and powers amongst the moderators?

* 10. How would you handle problems with a user or moderator?