After the success of the last two year's polls, The Local Taphouses in Sydney and Melbourne are running the '2010 Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Brews' poll open to lovers of craft beer across the country. And this time it's sponsored by the Crafty Pint (!

We're not necessarily looking for the #1 SELLING craft beer nationwide. Rather, what are the BEST craft beers people have tasted this year? For the purposes of this fun poll, the beer must have been brewed in 2010 in Australia by anyone other than Fosters or Tooheys main operations (so Matilda Bay and James Squire are eligible). The beer must have been commercially for sale (even if it's just at the cellar door) in kegs or bottles.

The 'Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Brews' online poll run from November 1st 2010 and closes at midnight January 16th 2011. The final 100 beers (listed from #100 to #1) will be announced on Australia Day.

A randomly selected voter (from anywhere in Australia) will win a case of each of the top FIVE beers (if not available, we'll keep going down the list until we have 5 cases!).

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* What are your email address and phone number (so we can email you if you win the beer prize!)? An invalid email address will immediately render your votes invalid. WE WON'T USE IT FOR SPAM - PROMISE.

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* In the boxes below, please list your top FIVE hottest Australian craft beers of 2010 (with #1 being your favourite Australian craft beer). You MUST list 5 for your entry to be valid. We will collate all votes to come up with 2010's 'Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Brews'.

You can only vote once and anyone caught trying to influence the vote (or take the piss by voting for 5 beers from the same brewery!) will be burnt at the stake - it's a bit of fun so don't spoil it for the rest of us!

To see more about the Hottest 100 over the past two years -

Thanks for filling in the survey. The 2010 Hottest 100 Craft Aussie Brews will be posted on our blog @ on Australia Day (Jan 26 2011).

Please pass this survey link on to all your fellow craft beer-loving friends as we'd love it to be comprehensive. And the beer prizes are an incentive!!