Envision Our Future
Your answers to the following questions will help the Copley Township Trustees assess the community improvement perspectives of the residents, and provide public input in their consideration as to whether or not  to create a Copley Community Improvement Corporation.

A Copley Community Improvement Corporation would serve as a community and economic development organization to actively develop and implement certain portions of the Townships Long Term Growth, Quality of Life, and Preservation Strategies. 

This survey will be used to gather your responses and will be kept confidential.

* 1. Please indicate, the areas you consider to be the most important for Copley Township to focus on during the next five years by ranking the following areas with 1 being your top priority and 5 being your lowest priority 

  1 2 3 4 5
Historic Preservation / Arts / Culture
Businesses / Job Growth
Community Facilities / Transportation / Water Lines / Sanitary Sewer / Storm Sewer
Recreation / Environmental / Open Space Preservation
Neighborhoods / Housing