• All vendors and vendor helpers must be 19+.
  • All vendors and vendor helpers must sign the event waiver.
Vendor Fees:

1. $55 per person. Vendors must pay their non-refundable fee in advance to secure their spot. Please note that vending fees are due upon confirmation. Above-mentioned vendor fees are for the moto-marketplace taking place Saturday, June 22, from 4PM - 8PM, setup begins at 3PM on the day of unless otherwise agreed upon.

2. Vending fees can be paid through e-transfer to PayPal can be made available upon request.

Rules & Regulations:

1. Due to the nature of the event we are only allowing female/female-identifying vendors and additional vendor helpers to be a part of the moto-marketplace at The Backroad Ball.

2. Please bring your own containers to dispose of your garbage away from the premises. Dumping is prohibited.

3. Vendors will be provided with electricity; however, each vendor is responsible for bringing their own tents, tables, displays, extension cords, dinnerware, equipment, lights, etc.

4. Vendors must be setup and ready to service clients 20 minutes prior to the start of the moto-marketplace. Vendors who arrive late may be denied the opportunity to setup. Setup time begins at 3PM on Saturday.

5. Food Vendors must serve meals with biodegradable dinnerware (dishes, napkins, utensils etc.) and encourage patrons to separate their trash. Trash, Compost & Recycle Bins will be provided.

6. There will be designated areas for vending/vendor parking.

7. Vending fees include a weekend pass to the event, if you wish to come Friday night you are more then welcome to do so, however, setup will still be restricted to Saturday at 3PM unless otherwise agreed upon.

Please add any questions or requests for additional information on vending in the box below or by emailing Kristin or Heather at

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