Even though the 2017-2018 season is still currently in process, planning for the 2018-2019 season is underway.  The Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association is looking to obtain your feedback on the Association, Program and your team.  This feedback will assist in the planning of future seasons, including programmatic offerings and the determination of future coaching assignments.  Your feedback may be shared with the Board of Directors, and current coaching staff, but the source of the information will NOT be shared.  We need to hear from you!  Thank you for your participation.

* 1. AAAHA has provided your player with a high quality youth hockey experience:

* 2. Communication from AAAHA is:

* 3. This year there were some age-specific Association wide small area game skates that were offered (summer, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve...):

* 4. How does AAAHA compare to other hockey associations:

* 5. My player's scheduled ice times were:

* 6. The financial cost of your player's participation in AAAHA is:

* 7. What Program does your player participate in:

* 9. Are you and your player pleased with their participation in the Program:

* 10. I expected the commitment to hockey to be:

* 11. What team is your player a member of:

* 12. Has your player had FUN so far this season:

* 13. Since the first practice through today, do you feel your player's development has:

* 14. Do you feel the demands (travel, tournaments, off-ice...) of your player's team were:

* 15. Do you support AAAHA asking the head coach to continue coaching next season: