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2020 WVU Rocky Mountain Chapter Pepperoni Roll Contest
WHEN: Sunday, August 23rd - 3:00pm-6:00pm MT
WHERE: The Grateful Gnome - 4369 Stuart St, Denver, CO 80212
COST: $10 to eat and judge OR $5 to cook and compete (both include your first beer or soft drink)

With the current pandemic environment, we are excited to offer a new format for the 2020 Pepperoni Roll Contest. We have two options this year that you must RSVP for accordingly based on your preference.

1) An in-person event has been reviewed and approved by the Grateful Gnome. We are well organized to host this event with a flow and set-up that facilitates Colorado regulations for social distancing at the Grateful Gnome.

2) We recognize that some of you still want to stay distanced from public gatherings and that shouldn't inhibit you from participating in one of our flagship events! So, we have the option to RSVP as a virtual competitor. You'll have to simply come down to the Grateful Gnome and pick up your pre-bagged pepperoni rolls and take them with you. 

Both options will have a survey to submit your votes.

A few other notes:
Participation in the event requires that you are up to date on your 2020-2021 chapter membership dues ($20 individual OR $30 couple).
Dues are available in 3 easy methods - (please choose your method of payment in the survey below)
1) Pay at the event 
2) PayPal -
3) Venmo - @Brian-Rohrig

We can't wait to see you all this year!

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