* 1. Have we got the balance and tone right?

* 2. Are the sections on the law and criminal justice responsibilities factually accurate?

* 3. We're unsure about the term “dangerous behaviour”. Would it be acceptable to use “violence” with the definition that it includes threats, verbal abuse and sexually inappropriate behaviour as well as physical assault?

* 4. We’ve had responses on the issue of the person’s capacity and responsibility for the behaviour. Our anxiety is that, while this is important, we have heard of situations where decisions made on this basis do not stand up to a careful reading of the case record. Is there anything more we can say about this?

* 5. We used case examples to draw up the guidance. Looking at them, they are all so different that using a selection might distort the general messages. Do you think case examples are necessary?

* 6. Are there any specific comments you want to make?