* 1. Have you attended an ASQ 509/511 Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Special Interest Group (SIG) Event(s)/Presentation(s) in ....?

* 2. In 2015, which ASQ 509/511 Lean Six Sigma event did you attend? (Please select the ones you attended)

* 3. If you did attend an ASQ 509/511 LSS SIG meeting presentation(s), please rate your satisfaction of the meeting presentation(s).

* 4. If you did attend an ASQ 509/511 LSS SIG presentation(s), please rate the value you received from the Meeting presentation(s).

* 5. How likely are you to attend an ASQ 509/511 LSS SIG sponsored event again?

* 6. How did you learn about the ASQ 509/511 LSS SIG meetings that you attended? [select all that apply]

* 7. What four LSS topic areas you feel you would like to see in speaker topics that can provide value for its members?

* 8. Please select which of the following  2016 LSS SIG events you would most likely attend (Please feel free to select more than one answer)

* 9. Please list four things  (e.g. location, start time, food, and venue) that the ASQ LSS SIG Section 509/511 leadership can do to provide a better meeting environment and/or to improve value for its members? We welcome any of your comments:

* 10. How likely is it that you would recommend ASQ 509/511 Meetings to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely