Membership for Wivey Action on Climate & Environment is free. We publish an e-newsletter every one or two months.

A committee organises group activities, who are elected at an annual general meeting in the autumn. Members are welcome to attend committee meetings and contribute.

Our aims are:

a) To raise awareness of climate change, the contribution of human carbon emissions and their effects on the life of our community;

b) To raise awareness of threats to the human and natural environment;

c) To positively engage and work with local people, businesses and community organisations in the Wiveliscombe area on climate change and environmental problems;

d) To promote and support low carbon and sustainable living and working in the Wiveliscombe area;

e) To campaign and manage projects for sustainable solutions to climate change and environmental problems, which improve human well-being and protect the natural world.

f) To support campaigns and projects promoted by regional and national groups with similar aims, such as The Climate Coalition, Centre for Alternative Technology, Centre for Sustainable Energy, Forum for the Future, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Hubbub, Transition Network, WRAP and WWF.

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