Do you have an idea for sustainably growing the East Gippsland Food sector that requires investment?
- Do you simply have a good idea?
- Are you looking for opportunities to grow your own business and can't do it on your own?
- Is there a local opportunity that would support your own supply chain?

East Gippsland Food Cluster together with East Gippsland Shire Council is currently exploring potential priority investment areas to support the sustainable growth of East Gippsland’s vibrant agrifood sector.

We are keen to gather as much input and as many ideas as possible from regional industry stakeholders. Your ideas will be evaluated and prioritised in line with a high level analysis of potential market demand and high level feasibility. We may contact you further to discuss the idea in more detail.

Please note that all responses will be treated in confidence and any reporting will not attribute ideas/opportunities to any individuals unless your prior consent is obtained.

Please note the Cluster has in place processes to support confidentiality and protect commercial interests - if you feel you need to protect your own commercial interest and/or confidential information then please contact Dr Nicola Watts on 0408 351 475 before proceeding.
Thank you for your interest and participation

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* 4. Do you currently have a food or food related business in East Gippsland

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* 5. Do you have a direct commercial interest and/or IP considerations in relation to any of the ideas you have for investment opportunities in the East Gippsland region?