1. Why Lethbridge 1906-1913?

A few years ago the Galt invited members of the public to help us decide which topics to focus on for our special exhibits. One of the topics chosen was Lethbridge 1906-1913 and the Galt will host this exhibit May to September 2011.

Why this topic? Why these years? Lethbridge (and Canada) changed dramatically in the years 1906-1913. Many of these changes affected Lethbridge throughout the 20th century and some continue to affect Lethbridge to this day.

While we know the Galt will be doing an exhibit on this topic (Lethbridge 1906-1913) we now need your help in deciding how the exhibit will look and what areas of interest we'll focus on. What do you want to see? How do you want the story told?

Attached is a survey we have put together. The purpose is to find out what people already know about this time period and what they want to know about this time period.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to do this survey.