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Description: This presentation addresses the marijuana culture that has grown rapidly in Colorado and its impact on our youth. We discuss what marijuana is, its drastic increase in potency over time, the effects of marijuana on the developing brain, the unintended consequences of legalizing marijuana, and most importantly, what we can do as professionals to help our youth make healthy choices.

* 5. Will you be attending From Social Norms to Social Media: Identifying and Understanding the Issues Facing today’s Youth ?
Description: Suicide, sexting, cyberbullying, self-harm, depression: today’s student has a myriad of concerns and issues that affect them on a daily basis.  How can we, as adults, parents, law enforcement and educators, work to identify what students are facing and provide them the support and resources to handle these tough topics.  In this breakout session, Susan Payne, Founding Executive Director of Safe2Tell Colorado, will present insight and strategies for helping youth identify and report concerns to their safety or the safety of others. Susan will also present information how to engage youth, parents and educators to recognize concerning behaviors and how through early interventions, we can prevent tragedies and connect youth to hope and help.