1. Assessment of Breastfeeding Residency Training Survey

The AAP is seeking information on the current state of breastfeeding residency training. Thank you for providing information about how your program currently teaches about breastfeeding.

* 1. Please check the type of residency program you represent.

* 2. How do your residents learn about breastfeeding? Please check all that apply.

* 3. Who teaches residents about breastfeeding in your program?

* 4. During which rotations do your residents learn about breastfeeding?

* 5. Does your program incorporate elements of the AAP breastfeeding curriculum www.aap.org/breastfeeding/curriculum?

* 6. Are your residents required to observe a breastfeeding expert (such as a physician member of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, a board certified lactation consultant, or a WIC peer counselor trained in breastfeeding support)?

* 7. Is there anything else you would like to share about your program’s breastfeeding education and training?