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GVE Commercial Solutions Ltd (“GVE”) is an established and highly respected construction consultancy and are frequent users and expert practitioners of the NEC suite of contracts.
GVE is reaching out to thousands of people within the construction industry in an attempt to find out whether its NEC user experience is comparable, or otherwise, with other users’ experiences.    

#RealNEC is a ‘first of its kind’ survey which seeks to understand the actual experiences of thousands of NEC users administering the compensation event procedure.  This information will be formally published both to the NEC Panel and a wider audience.

Providing your contact information below will enable GVE to send you the survey results directly.  You will also be invited to a range of compensation event workshops that will be offered after the survey is complete.   Any information provided is done so on a ‘strictly confidential’ basis.   Participants may withdraw at any time without prejudice.  The researcher does not foresee any risks from participation in this research, however, participants should consider if they are happy to take part. GVE is GDPR compliant and its Data Protection Policy can be viewed on the website.

If you have any further questions or comments about this research please contact:

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