Welcome to the Emergency Evacuation Plan Summary Form   
Beginning with the current licensing period of June 1, 2018 through May 31, 2019, all facilities will be required to submit an Emergency Evacuation Plan Summary (EEPS). The former Emergency Evacuation Plan Statement option will not be an acceptable alternative to submission of the EEPS. The EEPS must be submitted with the licensing renewal packet and received in our office within thirty (30) days of the expiration date of the license in order for your license to be renewed in a timely manner. In addition, the summary must meet the licensing standards pertaining to emergency/disaster preparedness contained in the DHEC regulation appropriate to the type of license issued to your facility by the Department.

Communication and coordination with your county emergency preparedness division is required. An acceptable form of documentation of county emergency preparedness division review and/or coordination would be a letter from the division stating that the facility EEP has been reviewed by the division. In lieu of this preferred documentation, a copy of correspondence requesting that your county emergency preparedness division review and participate in the development of your EEP will be acceptable.

Please allot approximately twenty (20) minutes to complete. (Note: Responding "Please see attached" is not an appropriate response). You must click the "Next" icon at the bottom of each page to capture your responses.