Application for Funeral Service Programs (Degree or Certificate)

This is an application for the Funeral Service Program at the University of Central Oklahoma.
This is for informational purposes only for the department and is not associated with the application and enrollment process of the University.

Please visit

to apply for admission to the University prior to applying to the Funeral Service Department.
Please contact with questions or (405) 974-5001.

* 1. Directions: Please complete the application for the Funeral Service Department after your acceptance at the University of Central Oklahoma and before the beginning of your first semester at UCO.
After submitting this application you may declare Funeral Service as your major and enroll in the Orientation to Funeral Service course provided all enrollment requirements for the University have been completed.

* 2. Permanent Address if different than above.

* 3. High School and Date of Graduation:

* 4. Name and Location of Previous College(s), Total College Credit Completed and Degree earned (& year)

* 5. I have contacted my previous high school or college(s) and have requested that they directly send official transcripts to the UCO Department of Funeral Service.
All funeral service program applicants must provide an official transcript of high school or college work that is directly mailed from the institution from which the credits were received. Said transcripts must be sent to: Department of Funeral Service, University of Central Oklahoma, 100 N University Drive, Edmond, OK 73034

* 6. Please list any Previous Funeral Home Work Experience
(name of funeral home, location, years of employment, brief description of work)