Activation Campaign for Registration Summer/Fall 2021

We are ending the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Semester strong thanks to your support! We cannot express how much we appreciate you being with us this year!

We are excited to collaborate with you to develop an initiative to ensure that our community is engaged and can participate in the wonderful classes offered at Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center. We know that word of mouth is our strongest marketing tool and you are a valued member of our community. With your support we have a goal of expanding our registration significantly.

Please take a few moments to complete this Ambassador Form. Please submit it to us by June 15, 2021

The goal is to engage our local community and increase registration for our summer and fall programs. We also believe that this is perfect time to help shape and engage new constituents for our programs and deepen our relationship with current stakeholders.
Ambassador Engagement
  • Amplify the message of Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center
  • Engage local influencers and taste-makers
  • Increase touchpoints for parents
  • Support and promote the Referral Program
  • Promote the Fall Street Festival/Open House events
What is the benefit to Ambassadors?
  • Possible tuition or referral discounts
  • List name on website
  • Invited to be the co-host for select event
We ask for your support in the following areas:
  • Ambassador Referral Program
  • Make a commitment to bring at least 1 parent and or 1 potential student to the Fall Festival/Open House
  • Make a commitment to promote to youth in your circle for the summer registration
  • Support flyer distributions through your various organizational meetings

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* 1. I am interested in helping Mind-Builders in this way (Please check off as many of these that apply):

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* 2. Digital Promotion (I can commit to assisting Mind-Builders by):

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* 3. Social Media Engagement – (please check all that you use)

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* 4. I am interested in volunteering with Mind-Builders in other areas in Fall 2021-Spring 2022 (Please check off as many of these that apply):

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* 5. Contact Information

Thank you so much. We will be in touch to coordinate your participation.

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* 6. Do you have any comments or suggestions?

Questions? Contact: Opal McCalla, Executive Administrative Assistant and Community Relations Manager,
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