How to charge what you are really worth and increase your income!

Hi, I'm currently creating a short online course on how to lose self-sabotage over pricing and charge what you are really worth.

Please make sure you answer the first question - the others are optional. All your comments are submitted anonymously, so I would like to thank you now for filling in this survey. 

However, if you would like to considered for a beta tester for the product, meaning you will access it at a fraction of the full price, please add your first name and email address in Q4.

Many thanks,
Jacqui Carrel
Rapid Transformational Therapist

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* 1. What is your most burning question about charging what you are worth (and feeling good about it)?

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* 2. What’s your biggest block about charging what you are worth?

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* 3. Any other questions/comments about charging what you are worth (and increasing your income)?

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* 4. If you would like to be considered for beta testing this product, please put your first name and email address here, so I can contact you when the product is finished.