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* 1. Do you have children in these age groups?

* 2. Why do you read Happy Go KL?

* 3. What kind of topics would you like to see covered at Happy Go KL in future? Choose 3 topics and rank them with 1 marking the topic you are most interested in.

  1 2 3
Information on family friendly events in KL
Restaurant reviews
Reviews of children’s attractions in KL
Reviews of products for children
Practical information on family holiday destinations
Travel inspiration
Hotel reviews
Deals and offers

* 4. If these functions items were available on Happy Go KL, which of the following do you think you would actually do?

  Yes! Possibly I don't think so
Submit photos / stories related to family life in KL
Submit photos / stories related to restaurants
Submit photos / stories related to family travel
Contribute to a community forum or Facebook group
Write reviews for products or services
Submit questions that get directly answered by Happy Go KL’s experts

* 5. Are there any products you would you like us to offer?

* 6. What are your favourite posts on Happy Go KL?

* 7. The floor is yours! Anything else you think would make Happy Go KL better?