The National Credit Union Administration's Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives (OSCUI) has engaged the Filene Research Institute to conduct an analysis of OSCUI's services. The overall objective is to help the agency better support small, low-income and new credit unions. The study will be both qualitative and quantitative in scope. The qualitative component will consist of focus groups and surveys (online and telephone). Respondents include all credit unions eligible for support by OSCUI (i.e., small, low-income and new credit unions). Respondents are asked to comment on their experiences with OSCUI services.

The survey and focus groups are one step of a larger analysis project that OSCUI is conducting as recently described in OSCUI’s FOCUS e-newsletter. The Office of Management and Budget has issued control number 3133-0188 related to this survey. Thank you in advance for your timely and candid responses.

Please complete the survey by August 29.

(For questions about the survey, contact Dave Grace []; for questions about OSCUI services, contact [])
Section I. Usage of OSCUI Services

* 1. Our credit union has used OSCUI’s services (i.e., consulting, training, grants/loans and/or partnerships) in the past.