Quilting Arts February/March 2013 Reader Survey

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Minding Your Business: Artist for Hire: Public Art Commissions(Davila)
Replenish Your Creative Well: Fiber Art Groups: Fabric Formations(Krawczyk)
Patterned, Stitched, & Dyed (Susan Purney Mark)
Foolproof Collagraphy (Margarita Korioth)
Make a 3-D Quilt (Diane Nunez)
Some Like it Hot (Stella Belikiewicz)
Artistic Challenges: Working Outside the Box (Jill Rumoshosky Werner)
An Exquisite Journey: Group Q&A
Artist Q & A: Jill Rumoshosky Werner (Jane Davila)
Artist Profile: Barbara Schulman (Vivika Hansen DeNegre)
'A Sense of Scale' Gallery: Inspiring works from Studio Art Quilt Associates
In the Spotlight (Diane Nunez)
Gallery: Off the Hanger
Results from the "What's in Your Heart" Reader Challenge

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