Favorite Delphi Prism Technology Partner Product Nominations

Tell us about your favorite Delphi Prism add-on tool or component set and it may be featured on the Embarcadero Developer Network.

1. My name is (first and last):

2. My favorite Delphi Prism add-on tool, component set or companion product is:

3. I like this add-on because (describe in a few sentences):

4. A cool application I have built or thing I have done with Delphi Prism and this add-on is (describe in a few sentences):

5. My email address is (for questions only, won’t be added to a spam list):

By submitting this information, I agree that Embarcadero Technologies may use my name and quote from the information above in a “what users have to say” portion of an article about the tool.

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