Membership Form

Please submit by February 5, 2018 in order to be eligible to vote in the 2018 Steering Committee election to be held in spring of 2018.

CHNA 17’s mission is to promote healthier people and communities by providing a forum to identify, prioritize, collaborate, design and track local and regional health promotion strategies and to tell the stories of the lessons learned.  Our vision is:  Healthy Lives, Whole Communities. Our principles are:   inclusive, transparent, responsive and nimble, mindful, equity operationalized, giving voice.  
Our priorities are mental health and racial equity.

Region:  Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Somerville, Waltham and Watertown.


Eligibility:  Membership is open to any non-profit organization, coalition, hospital, community health center, individual and municipal government, or for-profit businesses that serves the residents of any of our 6 communities and whose work aligns with the mission of CHNA 17.  Active members are individuals who complete a membership form, attend at least one event per calendar year in addition to the annual meeting, and are on the mailing list. Active members may participate in voting on accepting new steering committee members in the elections held at CHNA 17’s Annual Meeting each year, and the CHNA 17 annual budget.

Benefits and Responsibilities:  Members have access to all CHNA 17 data and educational, and informational materials.  Members are expected to support and promote the mission of CHNA 17 through their work and through providing input on CHNA 17’s work and when possible, provide active participation in ad hoc committees.

Please note, we have individual and organizational memberships.  For an organizational membership, leadership of the organization needs to sign off on this, and a point person from the leadership needs to be listed below.  This is not necessary for an individual membership.

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Designated individual representing this organization or coalition at CHNA 17 Steering Committee elections

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