* 1. South Bay Healing Center regularly holds fundraisers to benefit our local and global communities. Which of the following causes would you most like our next fundraiser to benefit?

  Not at all Not a priority Indifferent Somewhat important to me Very important to me
Multiple Sclerosis
Public Education
Cannabis Research
Cannabis Law Reform

* 2. Would you prefer that the proceeds of the charity drive benefit a:

* 3. Given a choice, how would you most like to donate?

* 4. SBHC recently held drives for several local charities. Were you aware of any of these?

Toys for Tots
Second Harvest Food Bank

* 5. How can we increase awareness of current charity drives?

* 6. How can we make it easier for you to donate?

* 7. Is there a specific charity (or charities) that you would like to see SBHC get involved with?