Background information

Thank you for your interest in the proposed Legal Profession Uniform General Rules.

These Rules are likely to apply to all legal practitioners in NSW and Victoria from mid 2015. The Uniform Law aims to simplify and standardise regulatory obligations for law firms and practitioners, particularly those that operate in both NSW and Victoria. The Uniform Law also introduces new cost disclosure requirements. Consumers will also have new low cost ways to resolve complaints and costs disputes with law practices quickly and informally. While legal practitioners will need to be familiar with new requirements, most general legal, professional and ethical obligations will not change fundamentally. Day to day regulatory functions will continue to be done by local authorities in the participating jurisdiction.

This survey will seek your feedback on the draft proposed Uniform General Rules. Please read the 'Consultation draft of the proposed Uniform General Rules'

By completing this short survey you will assist us to identify the things that will simplify and standardise regulation of the legal profession and that will assist their transition to the Uniform Law.