1. Your Opinion

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I'm developing a new website/blog for ministry. In order to gather information for marketing, design, and the offering of services, I would like your input. Thank you for taking a few moments to complete this survey. A random drawing for the free book will be done next week and you'll be contacted by email if you won!

1. How often do you read internet blogs?

2. What types of blogs do you read? (Check all that apply)

3. Do you ever read spiritual devotion blogs or websites for your own spiritual growth?

4. Are you familiar with the term "Life Coach?"

5. If you found a blog that published relevant and practical content about enhancing and developing your spiritual journey, would you read it?

6. If you serve in a ministry position (volunteer or paid) in which you exercise helps or serving gifts, would you be willing to refer those to whom you minister to a website that provides encouragement and guidance for their spiritual journey?

7. Which of the following services would interest you?