aois21 annual advertising inquiry

This is a form to gather information about inquiries for promotional space in the aois21 annual. Once your inquiry has been accepted, you will be contacted with an address to send your advertisement and payment for inclusion in the literary magazine.

1. What is the product you are promoting?

2. Please use this space to describe your ad and any requirements for placement

3. What size is your advertisement?

4. Are you interested in sponsoring a section? If so, which one?

5. Can your ad appear in both color and black and white?

6. Please fill out your contact information. (It will not be shared with any other company or service)

7. Please provide a link for the digital ad. (Links will be checked for accuracy.)

8. Please describe your product/service or text for Shelf ad

9. aois21 publishing reserves the right to reject any ad that does not meet our editorial or production standards. Full payment must be received prior to publication. aois21 is not responsible for any typographic or other errors on received files. If file is received below the minimum standards set in our advertising policy, aois21 is not responsible for reproduction quality. Any links must be provided to proper business websites. Spam, phishing, and other misuse is strictly forbidden.

Do you accept these stipulations?

10. After completing this form, you will be contacted to submit your advertisement if you are accepted. Please do not send in unrequested advertisements.
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