Engaging with the Needs of Our Community

The Session of College Hill seeks your input to evaluate whether our activities and financial investments align with our values. We appreciate your taking a few minutes to complete the survey.

The Outreach and Mission Team is responsible for channeling members’ time, talents, and treasure into local, national and global needs. Roughly $1 out of $8 in our budget goes to support outreach and mission efforts.

This survey seeks your input to determine if the Outreach and Mission Team is appropriately allocating our resources.  It also seeks to learn if College Hill provides sufficient opportunities for you to be involved with our community.

Each family member is invited to participate in this survey. We have no age limit and just request the responses to be thoughtful.

For each question, we ask you to determine your priority for the topic presented. For consistency, we provide five levels of priority from which you can select: Top Priority, Very Important, Important, Somewhat Important, Not Important or No Opinion.

We appreciate your time and opinions. If you would have questions or would like to discuss this further, please contact Terry Baxter at terryabaxter@gmail.com

Question Title

* 1. College Hill provides over $40 thousand each year, or 12.3% of our budget, in support of agencies providing local, national and global outreach and mission services. How important do you rate these three broad areas of outreach?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important Top Priority No opinion

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* 2. We support agencies that provide support from basic subsistence to social justice. Please rate these in importance for our support.

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important Top Priority No Opinion
Base Subsistence (Examples: Food Pantry, Day Center meals, KW Meals on Wheels)
Self-sufficiency (Examples: Just Hope, Kendall Whittier Inc., Marion Medical Mission)
Social Justice (Examples:  Catholic Charities, General Assembly, Synod, Presbytery,
Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry

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* 3. In addition to our financial support, College Hill members donate time, talent and treasure to outreach and mission agencies. How important do you consider each of these as we reach out and best leverage our gifts to increase our ability to serve others?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important Top Priority No Opinion

Question Title

* 4. What organizations do you contribute your time and treasure to?  For each one, please briefly tell what service is provided and contact information.

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* 5. What other activities or projects would you like to see College Hill involved with? For each one, please briefly tell what service is provided and provide contact information.

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* 6. You may give us your name if you want to or you may remain happily anonymous. Thank you for your time and opinions.

Thank you for answering these questions. We appreciate your time and consideration. If you want to stop now, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "DONE" to submit your answers now.

If you would like to prioritize each of the 17 organizations we currently support, please continue and select "DONE" to submit your answers at the end.

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* 7. How important is College Hill's support of each organization?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Important Not Important No Opinion
General Assembly, Synod and Presbytery  -- As part of a national denomination, churches are requested to give 5% to support administrative, mission, evangelism and education initiatives of the PCUSA.
Kendall Whittier, Inc. -- Incorporates self-sufficiency through food security, nutritional health and well-being.
Financial contribution, church members work for the agency, and we donate supplies and board members to the organization.
LIttle Blue House  -- Historically helped students find a place to belong, encourage them to believe in something larger than themselves, and gain the leadership skills to build just and inclusive community. Provides one veggie lunch to students per year. Currently offers no programming and is not longer part of the United Campus Ministry.
Kendall Whittier Elementary --  Largest elementary school in NE Oklahoma, with a disproportionate level of low income children. Financial contribution, church members donate supplies and time to read with students, proctor exams and provide meals.
Sequoyah Elementary -- Neighborhood school with a disproportionate level of low income children. Financial contribution, church members donate supplies, time and occasional meals for teachers.
Kendall Whittier Meals on Wheels -- Provides meals to shut-in elderly members of our community. Financial contribuion and  church members deliver meals.
Medical Benevolence Foundation -- strives for medical excellence by promoting health through the physical presence of medical mission co-workers, education, disease prevention, and curative care, for impoverished communities suffering from acute and chronic illness. Financial contribution only
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance --focuses on the long-term recovery of disaster-impacted communities. It provides training and disaster preparedness for presbyteries and synods and works collaboratively with church partners and members of the ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together) internationally, and nationally with other faith-based responders. Financial contribution only.
Just Hope -- Working collaboratively with communities in Nicaragua, JustHope's US partner groups build relationships, learn about themselves, and develop self sufficiency skills while supporting projects that grow out of the Nicaraguan communities we work with.

Question Title

* 8. And finally, how important is College Hill's support of each of these organizations?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Important Not Important No Opinion
Marion Medical Mission -- seeks to share the love of Christ with the extreme poor in Africa by providing all in need with a sustainable source of clean, safe drinking water.  Financial contribution only
Solar Under the Sun -- A ministry of the Synod of the Sun, it trains volunteers to design and install solar power systems with communities that lack reliable electrical power. Financial contribution only
Catholic Charities -- Only non-profit in OK approved by Homeland Security and ICE to administer to people immigrating to the United States. Also serve homeless and low-income for basic needs. Financial contribution only.
Emergency Infant Services --  Meets the basic human needs of infants and children five and under. Financial contribution, and donatesupplies.
Kids Against Hunger (Emergency food pantry of Eastern OK -- as part of Tulsa Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma’s program it contributes to 100,000 meals per year to provide food during the holiday season.  Financial contribution, church members work for the agency, and we donate supplies to the organization
Day Center Tulsa Meals -- Provides meals to homeless. Financial support and prepare/serve 6 meals per year
Night Light Tulsa --  Serves people who are homeless by preparing meals, washing feet and praying for homeless in our community. Financial contribution only.
Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry -- Promotes cooperation, understanding and service and builds relationships with various faith communities and organizations to help us be a contributing member of the Tulsa Community. Financial contributions, and we attend their annual dinner.