Iowa's State Service Plan Input Form

Volunteer Iowa (Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service or ICVS) is beginning work on our next State Service Plan.  Every three years Volunteer Iowa is charged with drafting this plan, which serves as a blueprint for identifying state priorities, themes, and areas of emphasis for Iowa national service and volunteer programs.  This survey serves as a precursor to public listening sessions that will be held in July and August in three communities across the state, with an additional virtual listening session for those who cannot participate in person.  Your feedback in this survey is welcome whether or not you are able to participate in the listening sessions, but we'll hope you will be able to do both.

A copy of the current State Service Plan is available on the Volunteer Iowa website: 2019-2022 Iowa State Service Plan. You may wish to review the current plan before continuing with this survey instrument.  We value input from the public, from existing partners, and any organization that is invested in service in Iowa.

Question Title

* 1. Volunteer Iowa anticipates offering public listening sessions in the following locations/formats in July and August.  Which are you most likely to attend?  Please select only one answer.

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* 2. Please indicate your familiarity with the following types of service and volunteerism, with zero (0) meaning you have no familiarity and four (4) meaning you are extremely familiar with the opportunity.

  (0) I don't know anything about this (1) I know a little about this (2) I know a fair amount about this (3) I know a lot about this (4) I know more than most people about this
AmeriCorps (including NCCC, State & National, or VISTA) 
AmeriCorps Seniors (including Foster Grandparents, RSVP, and Senior Companions)
Certified mentoring programs, including Iowa MENTOR (the Iowa Mentoring Partnership) & Future-Ready Iowa virtual mentoring
Volunteer Connector Organizations & Services (including Get Connected, Volunteer Centers, and Volunteer Generation Fund grantees)
Employer Volunteer Programs (including the Give Back Iowa Challenge)
Disaster Volunteering (Please indicate your familiarity on how to get connected to local disaster relief efforts through volunteerism in Iowa)
Service Clubs or Organizations (such as Junior League, Social Clubs, Lions Clubs, Rotary, Key Club, etc.)
Service Enterprise
Volunteer Iowa Recognition Programs (such as the Volunteer Hall of Fame and the Governor's Volunteer Awards)
Service Learning (at the K-12 or higher education level)

Question Title

* 3. Please indicate your connection to any of the following service programs.  You may select more than one answer. (Participant can include other contributing roles not associated with being a staff member)

  Current staff member Former staff member Current member/participant/mentor/volunteer Alum or former participant/volunteer
AmeriCorps (including NCCC, State & National, or VISTA)
AmeriCorps Seniors (including Foster Grandparents, RSVP, or Senior Companions)
Mentoring Programs (including those certified by the Iowa MENTOR)
Volunteer Centers
Peace Corps
12% of survey complete.