Exploring Internal Bias: Women's Experiences of Bias from Female Colleagues in the Workplace

The purpose of this survey is to explore and understand the experiences of women who have faced bias from their female colleagues in the world of construction. By gathering insights on specific instances, subtle forms of bias, and common scenarios, we aim to identify underlying causes and develop strategies to foster a more supportive and equitable work environment for all women in the industry. Both men and women are encouraged to participate in this survey, skip questions that don't apply to you. This is an ANONYMOUS survey. Feedback will be shared at our meeting for discussion and exploration.
1.Can you share a specific instance where you felt that you (or a female colleague) were treated unfairly or experienced bias from another female colleague or supervisor? How did it impact your work and professional growth?
2.What are some forms of bias you’ve encountered (or you witnessed a female colleague encounter) from other women in the workplace?
3.Have you noticed any patterns or common scenarios where bias from other women tends to occur?
4.What do you think are the underlying causes, and how can these issues be effectively addressed within the workplace?
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