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Carers NZ, in conjunction with The University of Auckland, is examining the impact that providing informal/family care for someone who is ill, injured, has disabilities, and/or a chronic condition has on a carer's finances, health and ability to live their own lives.

This survey covers many different aspects of caregiving so we can build a clear understanding about carers' lives, needs, and wellbeing.

If you are family or a friend providing informal care for a person who has disabilities or illnesses we would welcome your participation in our survey, which takes about 25 minutes to complete.

We will use the information gathered from our survey to create change for New Zealand's informal/family carers.

You can skip questions if you'd rather not share some information. However, by answering questions as fully as possible, you'll help us to build a comprehensive picture of caregiving in New Zealand.

We recommend that you complete the survey on your own so that your views are clearly represented.

All information is confidential and will not identify you or the person you care for.

Thank you for taking the time to help us. The research findings that result from this survey will be shared with government policy makers, funders, and society. This research will lead, we hope, to better support for friend and family carers and those they assist.

The survey will be repeated each year for a period of at least three years to track changes.

If you have any queries regarding this questionnaire please contact:
Tracey-Lee Dalton (PhD candidate)
Email: tdal002@aucklanduni.ac.nz
Post: University of Auckland, School of Nursing, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Private Bag 92019, Auckland 1142
Supervisor: Auckland Professor Matthew Parsons, mparsons@auckland.ac.nz.

Ethical approval for this survey was granted by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on the 2nd of June 2011, reference number 2011/229.

We would be grateful if you could fill in as much of the survey as possible. Please fill in the blanks or tick all that apply. By answering question one you are indicating that you have read the information above and have voluntarily consented to take part.